About Urban Land Conservancy

Urban Land Conservancy (ULC) is a nonprofit organization that acquires, preserves, and develops real estate to under-served areas for long-term community benefit. Through the acquisition, development and preservation of real estate in urban areas, we are supporting neighborhoods with community assets such as schools, affordable housing, community centers and nonprofit facility space.

ULC also recognizes that creating affordable space alone is not enough. This is why we focus on the development of permanent affordable space through the community land trust (CLT) model. ULC’s unique CLT means we own the land under a 99 year ground lease to ensure the space is used for community benefit regardless of circumstance. To date, ULC has five properties in our CLT, ranging from early childhood education centers to affordable housing.

To date, ULC has 30 real estate investments across the Greater Denver Region. We have invested over $80 million towards the creation and preservation of nonprofit facility space, affordable housing, schools and so much more. To learn more about Urban Land Conservancy, visit our website here.